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Financial Projection

How Do You Differentiate Between Financial Projection and Budgeting?

Companies use budgeting and financial projections to make plans for where they want the business to go (budgeting) and to see if it is going in the right direction (financial forecasting). 

Even though budgeting and financial projections are often done at the same time, they are not the same thing. When making a budget, a business figures out how much money it hopes to make in a certain time period. 
On the other hand, financial forecasting tries to guess how much money will be made in the future.


A budget is a plan for what a company wants to get done over a certain amount of time, usually one year. Some things about budgeting are:

Assumptions on the amount of money earned and spent.

    • Cash flows that are anticipated.
    • Anticipated decrease in total debt.
    • Calculating the differences between a budget and actual outcomes requires comparing the budget to the actual results.

A company’s financial situation, cash flow, and objectives are all represented through the budgeting process. Depending on how often management feels the need to update the information, the budget of a firm is typically reviewed at regular intervals, most frequently once per fiscal year. The creation of a budget serves as a benchmark against which actual results may be compared to identify the degree to which actual results deviate from projected performance.

Financial Projection:

Financial Projection is a technique used to illustrate a company’s financial performance over the course of the future. Financial predictions take into account a number of variables, including the company’s potential for profit, anticipated cash flow, and likely expenses. Financial estimates may be scaled by analysts to account for the company’s short- and long-term prospects.

The most important thing to know about financial projections in Dubai is that they are a prediction of the business’s financial health over time. Still, business projections and business forecasts are not quite the same thing. Having said that, the concept of business predictions is rather distinct from the meaning of business forecasts. Forecasts have a greater likelihood of painting an accurate picture of the future health and growth possibilities of a company.

The most effective method for developing a financial estimate is to do an analysis of the revenue and costs that now pertain to your company. After that, you should make a list of the financial requirements that your company has, think about a number of different probable future situations, and formulate a strategy.

Difference Between Budgeting and Financial Projection:

The budget offers information to management on what they want the firm to accomplish, the Financial Projection  illustrates whether or not the company will be able to reach its budget. The creation of an efficient budget may be aided by the projection of future sales and costs based on historical performance or on the performance of peers. When a budgeted summary is compared to the most current prediction, management is better equipped to determine what necessary changes need to be made in order to adapt to changing business circumstances and to design budgets that are more realistic in coming years.

Due to the fact that they are used for distinct things, budgeting and financial projection do not contradict one another. Although projections are helpful in accomplishing strategic objectives, it is impossible to do so without first reaching tactical objectives or successfully managing action plans via the use of budgets.

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