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Who is an Internal Auditor?

Internal auditors (IA) can be described as qualified professionals employed by corporations to provide independent and impartial reviews of the financial and operational business operations, as well as corporate governance. They are accountable for ensuring that organizations adhere to the rules and regulations, adhere to the correct procedures, and operate in the most efficient way possible.

Responsibility and Roles of Internal Auditor

There are specific duties and roles that have to be handled through a certified auditor within the internal audit department. This includes:

Review and analyze all financial data of the Business

The most important obligation of The primary responsibility of the certified Internal Auditor is to provide precise and relevant financial information about the business, and examine this information to make it easier. This helps management in understanding the current trends of the company, to ensure that it is able to keep pace with its competition on the market.


Best information for the Company and the Investors

The data analyzed by the business can benefit both the management and investors, present and future. Because the internal auditor isn’t connected to any particular organization, or has any hidden motives, the information included on the report of audit is accurate and dependable. This is the basis on which both the auditor as investors will be able to decide on a sound decision.

Check if the Business is Compliant

Compliance is an essential aspect for companies in today’s business climate. A majority of governments are creating more laws and are working to ensure that companies are compliant to the regulations and rules of the respective jurisdiction. An Internal Auditor will lay out all rules and regulations to be adhered  by the company.

Prospecting New Business For the Company.

Since the certified internal auditor is analyzing  all the financial reports that are  prepared by the accountant, the auditor in-house will be better positioned to assess the financial situation and decide if other business activity needs to be completed. The auditor can also determine if the entire operational activities are required for the company’s success.


Futuristic Planning for a Company.

Every company has the goal to sustain itself for the longest time. This is the reason why a business must constantly examine the different financial data of the business. This will enable the management to develop plans for the next phase of the company. This also allows for adjustments to the business plans in case any deviation from the forecasted trends has occurred , or in the event of an unforeseeable circumstance.

These are just a few of the responsibilities and roles that a certified auditor internally has in an organization. When the auditor’s internal fails to complete the audit with diligence then the business could be liable for the results. This is the reason it is recommended that the managers of a business should hire qualified and skilled auditors who are able to ensure the security of the business.

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The Advantages of Internal Auditor 

A lot of companies  hire the services of an external auditor even though they are not legally required to do so. But  the advantages of auditing force the companies to hire auditors.


Rectifying The Issues

Audits conducted by an internal auditor are considered as a crucial means to rectify issues quickly and keep a good name and avoid money being wasted.


Maximum Efficiency

The reports filed by internal auditors (IA) can assist companies to grow and operate with maximum efficiency. This is why many managers view IA as a necessity expense. We at WBS are the most qualified and certified auditors for your company.


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