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Visa for Freelancers in Dubai

The business environment in the UAE has changed dramatically in the last two years. The Covid-19 virus had a massive economic impact. New jobs were created, and old ones were destroyed. As a result of digital transformation, multinational corporations began to outsource a large portion of their horizontal and vertical business activities, resulting in a completely new division of labor. The freelancer, along with their permits, is now part of the gig economy.

Dubai is brimming with opportunities for freelancers because the city provides freelance contractors and well-known corporations with one of the most business-friendly environments in the world. Since the start of EXPO 2021, Dubai has provided many opportunities for freelancers, as the Emirate seeks to improve business efficiency as organizations, countries, and brands gather in Dubai to attend the region’s largest event in recent years.

The following sections will explain everything you need to know about your Dubai freelancer visa:

What exactly is a Freelancer Visa and Permit?

A UAE freelancing permit or a UAE license for freelancers allows you to establish a business in the UAE. You are, in essence, the sole owner of the company. Permits are frequently issued to individuals involved in education, creative media, and other related businesses.

It is a highly adaptable and cost-effective way to trade in Dubai. In contrast to other trade licenses, a No Objection Certification (NOC) issued by either your employer or your sponsor is not required. Therefore, in most circumstances, you can start an extra project with no influence on your employment as a full-time employee.

There is no requirement to lease office space once you start as a freelancer. You won’t be obliged to sign a long or costly lease. You can work wherever you choose – at your home, in a coffee shop or coworking spaces, or any other place you’d like to.

The permits for freelancers are renewable, which means you can continue to freelance throughout the period. Alternatively, you can change your permit to the full business license when you’ve generated enough trade.

Who may apply for a freelancing visa?

As indicated previously, only professional and freelancers in the education, technology, and media industries are eligible for the Freelance permit/license.

The Education Sector: Individuals that provide e-learning consulting or perform research, as well as counselors, and educational consultants, fall in this group.

Technology Sector: Many of the professionals who are seeking a freelance license are part of tech-related sectors. Information technology, every kind of web-based-based design, creation of apps, data analytics, and many more sectors are all part of the technology industry.

Media Sector: The Media industry contains artists and artistic people, professionals that succeed in the music industry along with the linked stream, directors, authors as well as PR executives, print media experts, social media analysts, and countless other vocations that are creative fall under the area of Media.

Stay Clear of Unlawful Freelancer Visa Solutions

You may have spotted advertising from companies that provide a “freelancer visa” or opportunities to earn “quick money” without leaving your house. They publicize their freelance visas for freelancers on company websites, social media platforms, and other sites where most aspiring freelancers look for work.

Be aware of both online and offline freelance prospects. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs to avoid falling victim to freelancer scams:

In exchange for a cash payment, Visa merchants promise employment as permanent residents in the UAE. This is against the law.

Visa companies that provide incorrect advice advise applicants to lie, omit, or falsify information on their applications.

Visa stores run multi-level marketing schemes that require you to buy and sell their products to earn money quickly and easily.

Freelance websites attempt to gain access to your accounts, such as social media or email accounts, and then use your personal information to gain access to your bank account and steal your money.

Scammers can persuade you to reveal the details of your freelancing account in the hopes of generating additional revenue but instead use it for other purposes, such as obtaining information about your clients and projects.

You can report fraudulent activities through their website: https://www.saiuae.gov.ae/en/Pages/Report-Fraud.aspx.

The Advantages of Having a Freelance Visa in Dubai

When you meet the qualifying conditions for freelancers and are granted a license to freelance in Dubai, you will receive several benefits.

Flexibility: One of the primary benefits of the freelance visa is the ability to work as a freelancer for a variety of organizations in a specific industry. This aspect of flexibility is the key reason why many people relocate to Dubai to work as freelancers.

Cost-effectiveness: The low cost of obtaining an entrepreneur’s permit and visa for Dubai allows you to offer professional services for hire at reasonable rates. Aside from the lower startup costs, there is no requirement to lease or acquire commercial space to start your freelance business in Dubai.

Work Freedom: A work permit or a freelancing permit issued in Dubai allows you to work as a self-employed contractor. If you are a freelancer with a visa in Dubai, you can work as an independent contractor for various business groups or enterprises throughout the United Arab Emirates. The permit allows you to visit the business zone within the Free Zone easily.

The Ability to Sponsor Family Members: If you obtain a real visa for freelancers and a work permit in Dubai, you can sponsor family members to relocate to Dubai and live with you.

How can I apply for a Freelancer Visa in Dubai?

Many free zones in Dubai offer the possibility to earn a freelance license. To obtain this license, select the appropriate type of business, gather the necessary documentation, and pay the fee. In Dubai, a freelancer’s permit is valid for one year. Following that, it must be renewed. The procedure is identical to registering a corporation; however, the cost of the license for freelancers is significantly lower, and a physical office location is not required. Many free zones offer Flexi-desks to freelancers as an alternative to office space for running a small business, which can help you access office space and use many facilities such as mail, administrator conference rooms, and so on. You can apply for a freelancer’s permit in Dubai for a single person or a group of people and then use your own company or open a separate bank account, establish an address for your legal business or address, and so on. A freelancer license allows you to operate or conduct business legally.

The cost of a freelance license in Dubai and other Emirates will vary depending on the type of business and the state chosen. A freelancer’s license in Dubai allows you to apply for a residency permit. To obtain this license, you must collect and submit the following documents:

  • An application form.
  • Passport photocopy
  • A passport-sized photograph
  • A new curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Academic degrees that have been validated by the UAE consulate or the ministry of foreign affairs
  • Two professional recommendations (with contact details) (with contact information)
  • A job offers or a letter of intent (detailing your personal/professional history and work experience)
  • The sponsor will provide a no-objection certificate (NOC) if one is required (if needed)
  • Additional documents may be required.

The free zone authority in charge will review your application, as well as the documents and references you provided.

After obtaining a set of documents and receiving confirmation from the authority in charge of registration, it is necessary to pay a fixed price that varies depending on the FTZ.

Freelancers in Dubai can take advantage of TECOM Group’s exclusive go-free Dubai package. The project is being built in Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, and Dubai Knowledge Park.

Following Three Simple Steps Is Required for The Application Procedure:

  • Submit and apply for an application online.
  • When your application is approved, you will be notified via email. Then you can go to one of the business centers in Dubai Media City, Dubai Knowledge Park, or Dubai Internet City to sign your documents in person and pay the fee.
  • You will be granted freelance authorization via email within a short period.

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