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Audit & Assurance

The audit and assurance of a company can be extremely beneficial for the smooth running of all business operations. The main reasons for the audit and assurance is to keep accurate the financial statements of your company. This accuracy include commercial benefits such as receiving a decent value for your business in the future, good standing with banks and gaining financing opportunities in your area as well as having a strong connection with your credit insurers and suppliers, and so on.

WBS Business Solutions, can provide you with the best financial Audit & Assurance services,robotic process automation, Web development and web designing regardless of where your company is situated.

External Audit

An external audit can be defined as a process in which all the financial records of a firm are analyzed by an external entity. Such type of Audit is usually conducted by court order and is conducted by a third party that has no connection to the company being audited. Just like an Internal Audit, an External Audit will also provide comprehensive information about the company financial status.

External, independent audit from unbiased outside agencies determine the level of confidence held by your investors, stakeholders, stockholders, and employees. Such a report can drive the value of a publicly traded company, change the destiny of executive officers of a corporation, and ultimately decide if a company succeeds or fails.

WBS Chartered Accountants with more than 2 years of experience in the top international markets provides world-class external audit services in UAE. Our qualified Chartered Accountants from different countries not only ensure you audit is conducted with professionalism but also ensure that their diverse and international experience is utilized while auditing your accounts

Internal Audit

Internal Audit can be described as a procedure that involves an exhaustive and thorough review and analysis of the financial records of the business is conducted. Internal Audit is conducted to assess the current state of the company and to ensure that the regulations of the relevant jurisdiction are implemented by the company to ensure that it does not face any issues in the future.

This type of audit is typically performed by organizations that have a strong financial backing. An organization that has financial backing can establish and sustain its own internal audit department.

WBS Chartered Accountants with more than 2 years of adventure in supreme international markets proffer top quality internal audit services in the UAE. Our certified, professional, nitpicker Chartered Accountants from different parts of the world ensure that the audit is not only done in a professional but executive manner, they also guarantee that their international experience and divergent knowledge is applied while performing the audit.


The services we offer include:

We also provide additional services that are designed to meet the accounting and auditing requirements of our customers.