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What Is Acquisition? And Its Advantages

Acquisition definition

When a macro scale company purchases or acquires another company’s shares or assets to gain control of that targeted company and have the power to make decisions concerning the acquired assets or shares without needing shareholders’ approval from the target company.

Buying more than half of the acquiring firm stock and other assets enables the acquirer to choose the newly acquired assets without the consent of the company’s other shareholders. Hope this helped you to understand the meaning of acquisition.


How Do Acquisitions Work

 Acquisitions can be the cordial result of affectionate discussions between two firms in which the selected company greets the acquisition. In this situation, the two companies hammer out the terms of the acquisition and ultimately reach an agreement. That is a pleasant way of acquisition.

However, acquisitions can also occur in opposition to the will of the acquired firm’s governance which is called a “hostile takeover.” In a hostile takeover, an outside firm acquires a supervising interest in the target firm by buying more than 50% of the target company’s shares. That is done by offering the existing shareholders a higher price for their shares than what they could currently get on the open market, thereby allowing them to sell.

Whether the acquisitions are amicable or hostile, the shares of the acquired firm are normally bought at higher values. However, there is a remarkable difference between the share price at the open market than the price offered for purchase by the acquiring company. The difference between the current market price and the price provided by an acquirer is called the “premium.” For example, when Amazon acquired Whole Foods in 2017, it offered $42 per share, a 27% premium over its current share price. That is a big difference between the current share price and the price offered by Amazon.


Advantages Of Acquisition

There are many advantages and disadvantages of acquisition, but here we will discuss the main benefits of Acquisition.


1. Way to the international market

The acquisitions are a very sensitive matter, whether it should be successful or face failure. Both conditions have pros and cons. If the purchase is performed with the right firm having a business attitude, success does not matter. For example, A company “X” wants to expand their business internationally. The management should target the firm already working in that area to grow their business in that land. The targeted company will already have its own personal identity, a brand name, and other incorporeal assets; These assets can help the acquiring company start their set-up with a concrete base.

2. Elevated Growth

It’s a very simple phenomenon that when we combine our efforts in the right direction, then success is no more far away from us. By combining the assets of two firms make a larger scope to grow healthier in such powerful competition. The acquisitions are the way which can help you to increase the market share of your company swiftly. As a result, your company should be more capable of investing and earning more profit.

When brighter minds of an organization work at the same platform, then creativity is their preference. Experts and mentors are the only sources for an organization to grow rapidly. In acquisition, we implement the same thing. The management of acquiring and purchasing firms work together for the same cause, that is growth only. The different aspects of development are under discussion, and the result should be excellent. So, the acquisition is the way to achieve these objectives. Financial, legal and human resources issues are easy to resolve. 

3. Approach to Deep Pockets.

The acquisition is the way that will help you to access a huge amount of capital.

Deep pockets help you invest on a large scale for extra growth. Business people with a low level of investment are forced to engage their money for their development because they cannot access larger loan funds. So you are the beneficiary of all these investments directly or indirectly.

4. Access to New Automation.

The modern sciences have ensured access to new developments and wonderful Automation. We are in 2021 going to digitize all aspects of life. That is a huge success for humanity. Some firms are working at old parameters, having no modern mechanics and computers, While the industry is changing day by day. The installation of modern gadgets makes it possible to work day and night and yield more than hundreds of workers. The acquisition process is the only tool that has access to these modern gadgets. Some industrialists have less capital to invest in modern machinery, so they can work through modern mechanization by acquiring other firms. 

5. Cost-Effectiveness.

To carry on liabilities is very lethal to grow in future. Cost-effectiveness is a prime concern for all organizations to shed down liabilities, so for that purpose, the acquisition is the only way to this door of success. When an investment has been implemented, the overhead and penalties are abolished by downsizing. That will improve the profitability of an organization. So business people always love to hear about this term of profitability.

6. Innovative Ideas.

World-class organizations are successful due to the outstanding performance of management and their mentors. CEOs of larger organizations have brighter mindsets with innovative ideas. First-line managers are very enthusiastic, passionate, hard workers and good planners for new assignments, So they execute the plans according to the policies made by seniors. Acquisitions make this possible at one platform to combine such intelligent minds.

Everything has its benefits while on the other hand disadvantages go side by side. Same in this case of acquisition, pros and cons are very important to keep in mind.  


Culture Clash 

Every organization has its values and traditions. Employees have different mindsets and are also involved in various labour unions. On the other hand, acquiring organizations have their own culture and attitudes. When these two organizations combine, then culture clashes are expected. Extraordinary professionals keep these issues in mind to resolve them.WBS being a professional organization, helps you in all circumstances and is committed to your undefeated success.




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